Tuesday, September 18, 2012

College Boys In Underwear


   A perk of living in a college town is more opportunities to see eye candy. This happens at the grocery store, stopping at a traffic light, at the local gym, or simply walking down the sidewalk. That's a benefit I enjoy living where I live.

   Unfortunately, these boys are usually fully dressed except for the occasional summer sighting at the pool. And of course, shirtless summers are always welcome.


   Now I can't guarantee that any of the guys featured in this blog are currently attending college. But it's all about the fantasy anyway...isn't it? We know college guys enjoy sitting around the house in their underwear. I mean, it is so much more comfortable. And why get all dressed up for the big game on tv.

   A friend of mine who is a delivery driver for a certain product, told me that he has often had the pleasure of knocking on a door and it be opened by a college guy in his underwear. So, if you want, go ahead and pretend these hotties are college boys in your area. I'll let you take it from there.


   And if you would like to see much more of these college boys, just click on their pic and all will be revealed. Enjoy your fantasies!

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